CPD Offer

CPD can be expensive and ineffective, and school budgets are too tight to waste money or time. The list below only includes CPD which will have a positive impact on standards in your school. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

The ideal approach is to map out an ongoing programme of CPD (A programme at Chyngton School in Seaford involving staff training, team teaching and collaborative planning prompted a senior leader to comment: “Mark has revolutionized our teaching of reading this year, allowing children of all abilities to make good progress. We have also benefited from his bespoke reading training, which provided us with an insight in to current trends; gave us new resources to go and try out and enthused us to teach reading in a more engaging way.”) 

There is also a school-improvement role for a twilight session. At these (charged at £160), the focus will be on skills and strategies that can be used with immediate effect to boost progress. They are also a good starting point for an ongoing programme.

Twilight Workshops

Reading Skills Workshop: Many schools have a solid foundation of reading for pleasure, but how strong are reading skills through the school and across the curriculum? This workshop is for year group and curriculum teachings to secure their understanding of reading skills and to consider how well these are taught or planned for. If, for example, reading fluency is a barrier for pupils, how well is the school teaching the skills required to improve this area?

Spelling Skills Workshop: With his colleague Jane Branson, Mark is writing his latest book Making Spelling Compelling. This workshop is for all colleagues to consider the anxiety children (and sometimes teachers) can face when confronted with spelling skills. It will feature ready-to-use, fun and practical activities which will build confidence in spelling, and help every teacher to instill a sense of fun with words in their classroom.

Thinking Skills Workshop: Mark is an affiliate of Thinking Matters. (If you want to discuss how becoming a Thinking School could deliver 10 months’ extra progress for your pupils please get in touch) This workshop is for colleagues to consider whether enough time is found for thinking skills across the curriculum. It will be practical and fun and will feature activities to start using with pupils straight away.

Vocabulary Skills Workshop: Do some of your pupils struggle because there are gaps in their vocabulary compared to other pupils? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. We won’t dwell on the problem but focus on ways to develop vocabulary across the curriculum.

Writing Skills Workshop: This practical session will get the teachers writing and putting themselves “in the pupils’ shoes”. It will cover writing tips and strategies that colleagues can use straight away to isolate the skills writers require and teach them in a fun and engaging way.

SATs Prep Workshops

(Still some limited availability for 2019) In what can be a stressful time for pupils and teachers, these workshops will prepare pupils to manage the tests and themselves, so that they are thinking well and that anxiety does not hinder their performance. In the sessions, pupils will practise a range of reading skills, time-management skills and how to breathe well, so that they are ready to learn and can enjoy the challenge. The earlier in the year we start, the better, so perhaps consider booking for 2019-20?

WRITER Training

If writing outcomes in your school could be improved by an approach which embeds vocabulary development, spelling skills, reading comprehension, drafting and editing, this course will guide and support your teaching staff to achieve this. For an example sequence, see Mark’s Blog post here.

The course can be run as a one-day INSET, 2 x half-day courses or as a series of 3 twilight sessions. Follow up support to track impact and support your team is also available.


One day course: £400

2 x half-day courses: £400

3 x twilight sessions: £600

Costs are inclusive of travel, resources, a copy of Mark’s book – Igniting Children’s Writing, a set on Thinking Spelling resources and a USB drive containing Mark’s English toolkit.

Subject Leader Support

The best CPD is grown from within, so Mark will work alongside the English Subject Leader and key colleagues to develop areas of their action plan. Working together, we could focus on building standards or capacity in a specific area through, for example, a reading or writing “MOT”.

Coaching for Teachers

Mark can also offer coaching for teaching colleagues through bespoke CPD packages, team-teaching and joint planning.

Writing Moderation

Mark is a Lead LA and STA verified moderator and can support your team to track and improve writing throughout the year. Avoid “gap-plugging” late in year 6 by scheduling moderation throughout the year and build capacity for long-term improvement by involving colleagues from all year groups. At any given point of the year, Mark can help colleagues to establish what writing evidence should be looking like, and how to intervene if there are attainment or progress gaps.

English Subject Reviews

Over 2 days, Mark will work alongside the senior team and Subject Leader for English to explore all aspects of the English curriculum across the school. This will include pupil voice – “learning talks”; book looks; data analysis and lesson “drop-ins”. At the end of the 2 days, Mark will lead a twilight INSET to reflect on the outcomes. Mark will then write a summary of recommendations based on the Review.


The fun bit! Mark loves getting stuck into some teaching. Greater Depth Masterclasses are half-day sessions for targeted pupils. The sessions will support pupils to meet the technical demands of GDS, through challenging reading tasks into developing a strong, individual writing voice to apply across a range of evidence.

Mindful Writing

Mark and his colleague Stuart Robertson have developed a mindful writing training package and resources for schools. A free, downloadable reflective mindfulness journal can be downloaded here . Mark and Stuart also offer:

Better Breathing, Better Learning – a one-day CPD Course

This one-day course weaves together the concepts that teaching pupils and teachers to breathe better can result in greater well-being and that this, in turn, can accelerate academic progress.

Mark McCaughan, bringing his experience as a Headteacher, consultant, SCITT trainer and affiliate of Thinking Matters and Stuart Robertson, bringing his experience as a whole-school well-being coordinator, physiotherapist, mindfulness and Yoga teacher, will lead a fun and practical day which explores how to get your pupils ready to learn and able to self-regulate their state of mind.

This is no soft option: the end goal is to accelerate attainment and progress. But schools are tough environments and too many pupils and teachers are struggling. This is about creating the conditions to produce confident, self-assured learners with behaviours and attitudes to thrive and not just survive!

A typical day might be:

9.00 – 12.00: (Stuart and Mark) 1.00 – 3.00 (Mark)
·      Understanding the physiology of breathing and breathing exercises for your staff and pupils

·      The link to thinking: case studies in mindful writing and reading

·      Simple breathing and awareness techniques for every teacher to use, and teach their pupils

·      The idea that if we don’t model how to look after ourselves, how can we effectively look after the children?

A bespoke training package based on the school’s priorities, such as:

·      Reading skills through the school

·      Spelling, punctuation and grammar

·      Metacognitive approaches in the classroom

·      Subject leader development

·      Planning clinics

·      Guided writing – a workshop for teachers and TAs



We can also offer follow-up support for your staff team, parents, governors, or colleagues working with pupils with specific needs.